Your Secret Weapon in the War on Laundry


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The first ever unique clean laundry carrier! 

Sort, pair your socks and underwear -

place each persons items in a separate section and transport in one journey - easy!

UndieCARRIAGE makes laundry life easier and quicker - no more dropped socks along the way!

Quotes:  5 star product *****

"It's amazing"

"Practical but also stylish"

"So much easier"

"Best laundry product ever"



"Highly recommended"


"We love this product"

"Using mine when I go in my caravan to put all my underwear in"

"My auntie uses her UndieCARRIAGE when she goes upstairs on her stair lift - she loves it - keeps her independent"

"Highly recommended" "Holds so much!"

"So pleased" "So much easier" .............