Your Secret Weapon in the War on Laundry

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February 2021 price

  • £29.99

Here at UndieCARRIAGE we like to make doing the laundry so much easier. Our goal is to provide a life changing, time saving and stress reducing product that lets you move underwear and socks from the tumble dryer to the bedroom all in one go. No more dropped socks, missing underwear and less hassle!

It is excellent quality, washable, strong and durable.

UndieCARRIAGE is easy to use and perfect for helping with your clean laundry.

Feeling taken for granted? Feel like no one appreciates your efforts? Treat yourself to an UndieCARRIAGE – it will transform laundry days and make you feel special!

Or perhaps you have a friend who is difficult to buy gifts for? UndieCARRIAGE would make a perfect present for someone who has everything!

The latest “must have” household accessory you didn’t know you needed!

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